If marriage is journey, honeymoon is certainly the grandest vacation you and your partner take. While blissful honeymoon moments can never be planned.


Choosing the Place: Do not leave planning to your partner. If you do all the work, you’ll feel things don’t go perfectly. If you don’t take part in the planning, you’ll probably end up dissatisfied. Choose a place that fits in the interests of both of you. There are destinations that you might enjoy the best with your friends and family while some that seem to be made just for you as a couple! Do not select the place on the basis of too many sightseeing options. Talk to each other, do your research and then select the destination you both would want to explore. Make sure you check the climate: do not assume the weather is always pleasant on the islands.

Find the good Travel agent: This is very important. Ask your friends and select a good travel agent who can take away all the worries of booking and planning your entire trip. Online booking is in vogue now but ensure that you speak to a customer care representative who you can call in case something goes wrong. A capable agent will help you plan a honeymoon that’s right for the two of you at a price you can afford. Also, if you are planning your honeymoon to a foreign country then the travel agent will also take care of all your documents. “the sooner you plan and decide the travel agent, the better as this would give you time to collect all the documents needed and also reservations at hotel or of flight or train would too get confirmed,

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Budgeting: One should select the honeymoon tour package that is worth your money that is accepting the package that aptly fits into your budget. Before you go, agree about what you’ll splurge on and where you’ll skimp to avoid any possible money hassles en route. Talk to your travel agent. You can get packages that will allow you to have all the frills you want and yet save you money.

Time it right: Wedding preparations and celebrations usually exhaust thecouple. It may not be a bad idea to take a trip after a while, like they do in the west. But if you head out right after book early morning flight right after the wedding night.
Timing must also be right in availing special services. “Cruise lines and hotels offer couples” massages in the spa. These spa treatments are popular and sell out very quickly, so reserve the service as soon as you board/check-in or at the time of booking your holiday itself,”.

Documents and Passport: “Be  sure you have the necessary visas for the countries you may be visiting as part of your honeymoon or cruise itinerary. Remember it is always the individual’s responsibility to get visas. Also, don’t forget to bring important health information like a quick list of any health conditions and prescriptions that you take, in the event of an emergency,” Remember the expiry date on your passport must be more than six months away. Also, make the booking in your pre-wedding names if your pre-wedding names if you are flying out soon after your wedding.


Packing:  you want to look your best, of course. Carry stylish wear but do not ignore comfort as well, Ensure you put in the essential; cameras, memory cards, charger, basic medicines etc.

Surprise: As you enjoy your honeymoon trip, make plans to surprise your partner with something like romantic dinner on beach, a beautiful jewellery piece for her, any adventurous sport that he would like to do, spa treatment or maybe finding a good sunset point just to relax and enjoy the view. Remember, surprise elements always add a beautiful touch in relationship.

images (1)And while you are there, click lots of pictures, eat guilt free, try something new that you have never done in your life, take up an adventurous activity together, wear naughty dresses and just follow your heart before you come back to real world of responsibilities and work load. Happy journey!

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