Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree

When we talk of elegance and grace then Banarasi silk sarees are one such type of clothing that comes into our mind. Made of silk fabric, Banarasi silk sarees exude charm that make these sarees the perfect wedding wear for women. The shimmering beauty and ability to bring out any art work or design created on the silk fabric makes these sarees stand apart from the rest. They are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. One of the striking attire, which enhances and brings out the essence of womanhood, is the Indian Saree. An Indian Sari or Saree have always contributed largely to an Indian woman’s wardrobe while letting her heart go round on saree dreams. Sarees in India traces its origin back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It was born in both South and North India and has now become a symbol for the whole of Indian Culture. Banarasi silk saree still stand as the era’s choice in augmenting her beauty.
Well, a woman can only look better if not her best in a sari. No wonder Indian wedding has earned fame from the international fashion market one of those Traditional Sarees is Indian Banarasi saree. It appears the weaver, as if has woven this 6 yards of magic, to tell a unique story in each interweave. And creation has never stopped always to surprise the onlooker.
Who knows, maybe this is why trousseau of a Indian bride remains incomplete without a Banarasi saree. That’s right ; every Banarasi saree is a dream and to weave every dream, a weaver may take any time between 15 to 180 days, which is decided by the complexity and uniqueness of designs, motifs and patterns on the sari. Banarasi saree includes flowers, birds, decorative patterns and nature And today the popularity of this once-royal attire has become so implausible that the Banarasi sarees are exported worldwide. There are so many authentic shopping websites which are successfully selling Indian wedding saris, banarasi silk sarees, designers sarees and much more to cater to today’s women.To be honest – Banarasi silk sarees will stay forever, ruling the hearts of women of all class, color, and race.Banarasi embroidered sarees are also a wonderful option for weddings or other occasions. The zardozi work and other thread embroidery will make this saree look elegant, classic yet fashionable. Heavy sequins, beads, and buttas will add glamour and shimmer to the sari. You can also grab a net and Banarasi combined wedding sari for your marriage. Colors like maroon, brown and red in combination with green and golden will definitely stand you unique in your wedding.

How the Banarasi silk sarees are manufactured.

Banarasi Saree comprises of around 5600 thread wires, all of them within 45-inch wide. In case of weaving the warp, the craftsmen make the base, which is around 24 to 26 m long. One of the most important aspects of weaving Banarasi silk sarees of India is the teamwork involved. Typically, three weavers are involved in the creation of the Banarasi saree. One of them weaves the saree, while the second one is engaged at the revolving ring, where bundles are created and the third in assisting the border designing.
At the time of bundling a new process of designing the motifs begins. For creating design boards, an artist sketches the design on a graph paper, along with color concepts. Before selecting the final design, punch cards are created. A single design of an Indian Banarasi saree requires hundreds of perforated cards for the implementation of the idea. Different threads and colours are used on the loom to knit the prepared perforated cards. The knit perforated cards are then paddled in a systematic manner. This is done to ensure that the main weaving picks up the right colors and pattern.

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