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Banarasi Silk Saree

When we talk of elegance and grace then Banarasi silk sarees are one such type of clothing that comes into our mind. Made of silk fabric, Banarasi silk sarees exude charm that make these sarees the perfect wedding wear for women. The shimmering beauty and ability to bring out any art work or design created […]

Silks of India – Kanjeevaram Silk

Silks of India-Kanjeevaram Silk SILK – The QUEEN of textile industry with its gloss, sensuousness and glamour.The history of silk goes back to 4,500 years. India is the second largest producer of silk, contributing to about 18 per cent of the world production. silk weaving tradition in India revolves around the sari, the ethnic traditional […]

Saree – Six Yards of Elegance

Saree – Six Yards of Elegance Thousands of years ago when Hindus believed that stitched clothes were impure,Women therefore draped a long piece of unstitched cloth, revealing the navel…considered the source of life and creativity.Derived from the sanskrit word “sati”, meaning a strip of cloth, the saree was a perfect fit for the era,when the […]

For the best ethnic Indian Wedding Dresses

The charm of Indian wedding dresses has always been mesmerizing. Simple Indian attiring for wedding ceremonies withholds India in itself, the kind one always adores, looks forward to and dreams about. And by trying out Indian wedding dresses, be it for the gracious bride, the charming bridegroom or all joyous attendees at the ceremony, one […]